Monday, January 11, 2010

Meeting 8th Jan 2010

Stay tuned for our upcoming events...

Calendar Events 2010

Feb 13th Astronomy Night (CREATE-Free Admission)

Feb 20th-21st Rocketry Camp (TBC)

Feb 28th Rocketry Workshop (Rebung)

Mar 13th-15th Space Camp (CREATE & Bernam River Airfield)

Apr 1st-11th CERN Trip (France)

Apr 17th Astronomy Night (CREATE-Free Admission)

Apr 25th Rocketry Workshop (Rebung)

Jun 11th-13th STAR Party (Bernam River Airfield)

Jun 27th Rocketry Workshop (Rebung)

Jul 11th-20th NASA Trip (USA)

Sep 4th-6th Space Camp (CREATE & Bernam River Airfield)

Nov 22nd-26th Rocket Week (TBC)

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  1. will Dato' Dr. Sheikh be involved in the SPACE CAMP in march and CERN trip in april? =)